the murky world of truffles about truffles are they worth it? Wines of the Dordogne Valley



In 1997 I set up The Chain Gang Cycle Tours Ltd and, although we now operate bike tours throughout France, Italy and the UK, our home has always been the Dordogne.

Food and wine are very important on Chain Gang tours - part of our raison d'être - but when we're in the Dordogne, the most highly prized delicacy of them all, the Périgord Truffle is denied to us.

These little black gems are only in season from December to February. I was intrigued about them for years, not least because of the outlandish prices they fetch. It wasn't until 2010 that I finally had my first experience of the 'Black Pearl of the Périgord'.

I had a lovely adventure, and it was a taste extravaganza that I'll never forget. That's what persuaded me to leave our bikes in storage for the winter and design group weekends based around this beautiful little fungus.

It's a fascinating trip, full of special things to do and I'd be flattered if you chose to join us...