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Our Truffle Itinerary


We'll collect you from Bordeaux or Bergerac airport and transfer you to the Hotel Recollets in Sarlat-la-Caneda. After lunch we'll dive straight into the kitchens at Les Quatres Saisons, Sarlat's leading restaurant situated just a few steps away, where renowned local chef Monsieur Delpech will introduce us to both the Melansporum and the Brumale truffles.

That evening we'll return to Les Quatres Saisons for a stunning 'Menu aux Truffes', a truffle extravaganza over five courses which even features a truffle dessert and a delicious truffle liqueur.


Saturday morning is the weekly truffle market in Sarlat. Doors open at 09.30 and, luckily for us, the Commissioners have spent the previous hour grading and labelling every truffle in the place.

While truffles are very expensive, mostly they're not very big - you can walk away with a very nice truffle for between 30 and 40 Euro. They'll even vacuum pack your truffles, meaning they'll stay fresh for days.

After an early lunch we'll take a trip out to a truffière at Péchalifour where we'll meet local truffle guru Edoaurd Aynaud and his loyal truffle-hound Titeuf.

Historically truffle hunters used pigs, but pigs aren't very good at moving out of the way once they've found a truffle. So these days it's dogs. We'll have the chance to hunt for and to find truffles, and dispel some myths about whether and how they can be cultivated.

In the evening we'll widen our culinary scope to explore all things Périgord. We'll enjoy foie gras, cêpes, goose and duck, and probably some more truffle too. A real feast.

To accompany our dinner we'll taste the best wines from the Dordogne Valley, including sweet dessert wines from Monbazillac, surprisingly good red wines from Pécharmant in the Pays Bergerac, and, of course, the classy Bordeaux reds of St Emilion.


We take breakfast and transfer back to Bergerac and Bordeaux airports (no doubt bearing truffles!).

All-in-all it's an action-packed weekend, offering a fascinating insight into the world of truffles, and into the spectacular cuisine of one of France's most interesting and beautiful regions.