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The murky world of truffles

Examining the truffles

Well, it isn't that murky, but it's fun to pretend it is. By repute the world of truffles is riddled with skulduggery and dirty tricks. A netherworld of pre-dawn, cash-only markets where cynical locals fleece unwary visitors, bulking their truffles with stones, or water, or passing off humble aestivum as the mighty melanosporum.

That aside the only 'facts' most people know about truffles is they are hugely expensive and pigs are used to hunt for them. The pig makes a lovely image, but it isn't true. They are hugely expensive though, they're available only from December to February and they taste best fresh.

Hey lady, play fair! Market day in sarlat-La-Caneda Toby attempts a side-deal with Titeuf

Despite all their mystery, we'll find them, buy them, cook them and eat them. Over the weekend we'll hunt for truffles with Titeuf the truffle-hound, we'll visit the truffle market in Sarlat-la-Caneda where you'll be able to buy some without breaking the bank, learn to cook them with Chef Monsieur Delpech, and explore other exquisite culinary delights of the Périgord, including foie gras and cêpes. But mostly we'll eat truffles!